Freestanding Square Column Fiberglass Pergola

Product Description | Item #
• Lighter and more resilient than wood or pvc
• Made of structural Fiberglass that is weather and insect resistant
‐ Thermo‐set / pultruded fiberglass material allows worry free placement near and over  large grills and fire pits with an impressive 600 degree heat distortion index. 
• Quick & Easy Installation, Complete ready to install systems ship direct to job location including all top component attachment hardware with concrete or wood deck anchoring systems, no additional fabrication required ‐ Average installation
time is 6 to 8 hours with two people. 
• Hollow profiles act as a conduit for recessed lights, speakers, fans, outdoor television, directional heaters, misting systems, and other accessories keeping unsightly wires hidden. 
• Lifetime Warranty